FrancordSoft Software Development

FrancordSoft develops its own business management products and applications and offers software development services. Founded by an IBM software engineer, FrancordSoft has the expertise to design, build, test, improve, maintain, and support software solutions.

FrancordSoft Research and Development

Currently in the research phase, FrancordSoft is studying a global problem: corruption in developing nations. We are identifying problems that can be solved with technology and making steady progress.

FrancordSoft Software Development Services
Expertise in several key industries coupled with software development enables FrancordSoft to develop software solutions that address business challenges. At the heart of all FrancordSoft software development projects is a problem that must be solved. Whether that problem is protecting the integrity of data, streamlining day-to-day tasks, or tackling one of the largest problems in the world such as rampant corruption, FrancordSoft is equipped to take on the challenge. Our software solutions address the root of the problem.

FrancordSoft develops

  • Custom software solutions
  • Custom databases
  • Custom Web applications
  • Custom Desktop applications
  • Custom Windows applications

What problems and challenges are you facing? Team up with FrancordSoft for software development focused on simple, affordable solutions.