FrancordSoft Software Development

FrancordSoft develops business management products and applications. Our custom software development services are led by a former IBM software engineer with in-depth knowledge of IBM’s products and technologies. We design, build, test, improve, maintain, and support software solutions for enterprise organizations, government agencies, municipalities, and other organizations.

Research and Development

The ability to solve some of the world’s biggest problems via technology drives us to dig deeper and work harder every day. Some of our side projects have included research and development into global problems such as corruption in developing nations and gender inequality in African sports. We are identifying problems that can be solved with technology and making steady progress.

Our Software Development Services

With expertise in several key industries including national security, finance, and logistics, FrancordSoft develops software solutions that address organizational and security challenges. At the heart of all FrancordSoft software development projects is a problem that must be solved. Whether that problem is protecting the integrity of data, authenticating users, streamlining day-to-day tasks, real-time screening of individuals using facial scans, or tackling one of the largest problems in the world such as rampant corruption, FrancordSoft’s custom software solutions address the root of the problem.


FrancordSoft develops:

  • Custom software solutions
  • Custom databases
  • Custom web applications
  • Custom mobile applications
  • Custom Desktop applications
  • Custom Windows applications
  • Machine learning / artificial intelligence
  • Analytics solutions


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