Software Customization


Legacy and open source software are often “almost right.” With a few tweaks, your software could be perfect for your needs. Whether your old point-of-sale system is no longer supported or an open source solution lacks desirable features, FrancordSoft offers software customization services to build upon existing platforms.


FrancordSoft can also customize many of our own products to best meet your organization’s needs. For example, if one of our products has most of the features that you need but not all, let’s put our heads together and customize the software to match. If you want a branded solution, complete with software customizations and your organization’s logo and color scheme, we can do that too.


Software customization can be as simple as adding custom reports or as complex as developing new features or modules specifically for your business needs. FrancordSoft can also integrate solutions with other products, perform data conversions, and populate new databases with existing data.


Below are a few possibilities:

  • Software modification
  • Software features
  • Online access
  • Report customization
  • Software branding
  • Data conversion
  • Authentication / biometrics


We apply the same philosophy to software customizations as we do to software development: simple, affordable, and effective software solutions that allow you to focus on doing what you do best. Whether you use legacy software or open source applications, if it’s not quite what you need, learn more about adding additional features, custom reports, or other software customizations by contacting FrancordSoft now.