FrancordSoft specializes in technology with dozens of capabilities ranging from software development, software customization, IT services, enterprise architecture, information management, performance engineering, software as a service, and network technologies to business intelligence, data center technology, analytics, and beyond.

Whether you need help with analytics, IT strategies, applications development, or any other area of technology, FrancordSoft has the expertise to craft a technological solution aligned with your business objectives.

IT Strategies

FrancordSoft believes that IT serves as an operational tool as well as provides companies with a competitive edge when properly approached. Not only should information technology provide your business with the equipment needed to perform its job, it should also provide value and performance. In other words, we believe the IT has value beyond its practical purpose. We consider information technology a valuable strategic asset and work closely with our clients to create IT solutions that drive business performance, improve services, and create value.

For example, do you think of your IT costs as mere costs of doing business or do you consider IT an asset worth investing in? When upgrading a call center, do you think of the new servers, routers, cables, and headsets as servers, routers, cables, and headsets or do you think in terms of faster call routing, clearer phone connections, and improved customer service? FrancordSoft helps you develop a value-based mindset and develops IT solutions that drive value and performance.

IT Solutions

In addition to helping you approach IT strategically and develop a long term information technology strategy, FrancordSoft provides the IT solutions that you need. Whether you need virtual private networks, enhanced security, software development or customization, information management, content management, business intelligence solutions, analytics, virtualization, Web development, online collaboration systems, VoIP, network management, or any other information technology, FrancordSoft's team is ready to respond.

FrancordSoft Technology Strategies:

  • Align IT strategies with business strategies
  • Define technological road maps and implement value and performance driven IT strategies
  • Transform network, enterprise, and data center infrastructures into cost-effective, reliable, secure, flexible, and scalable systems
  • Secure networks and data
  • Drive performance and value
  • Develop software solutions
  • Customize existing software

FrancordSoft understands that out-of-the-box thinking usually requires more than an off-the-shelf solution. Why choose a pre-packaged solution when you can have a complete IT solution crafted to address your current and long term needs? Find out how FrancordSoft can serve all of your information technology needs. Let us help you align IT with your business objectives and provide you with a technological solution that serves its practical purpose as well as provides long term value.