FrancordSoft conducts research benefiting corporations, non-profits, and government agencies. By regularly conducting case studies, surveys, and detailed research, we gain a better understanding of the innovations that lead to business success and performance.

FrancordSoft conducts the following types of research

  • Corporate research
  • Government research
  • Industry research
  • Case studies
  • Surveys
  • Product research
  • Applications research and development
  • Strategic planning
  • IT strategy and transformation
  • Sustainability studies
  • Process analysis
  • White papers
  • Focus groups


Corporate Research

Need a better understanding of your customers’ behaviors or preferences? Want to know what trends are likely to affect your industry? Curious how other businesses have handled challenges similar to those you are facing today? Wondering about tomorrow’s technologies? It all begins with research. From focus groups and customer surveys to in-depth industry research, FrancordSoft is well-equipped to gather and present the information that you need in order to move your business forward and respond to the challenges, obstacles, and opportunities affecting your company and industry.

Government Research

FrancordSoft also conducts government research including research involving: telecommunications, defense, energy, human services, public safety, financial services, and more. Whether you need to learn about HIPAA information security regulations or how to conduct business as a government supplier, FrancordSoft can uncover the information that you need. Planning on doing business overseas? Let FrancordSoft research government guidelines and regulations affecting your business both here and abroad.

FrancordSoft Research

Browse our collection of case studies, white papers, surveys, and the latest industry research conducted by FrancordSoft:

  • What’s New : FrancordSoft regularly conducts surveys and research projects. Check out the “What’s New” section to see our current research projects.
  • Application Research and Development: FrancordSoft continues its research focused on designing a business solution to combat corruption in developing countries.

In-depth, impartial research provides you with the information that you need to make educated and well-thought-out decisions affecting your company’s future. Learn about the challenges, trends, and opportunities in your industry or uncover your customers’ wants, needs, and expectations by teaming up with FrancordSoft’s research department.

Contact us if you need a detailed analysis of your industry, your organization’s processes or strategies, technological trends, customer behaviors, or any other research project. Our team is ready to serve!