Business as usual doesn’t cut it in today’s fast-paced business climate. In order to survive, businesses must be aware of past, present, and future conditions and willing to adapt. This involves several key ingredients including: vision, research, innovation, creativity, and change management. When you team up with FrancordSoft, we are with you every step of the way.

Business Research

Most of us know that we can learn from past mistakes. We can also learn from the mistakes that others are making as well as from their successes. By conducting regular business research, FrancordSoft uncovers mistakes to avoid and opportunities to take advantage of. In addition, many of today’s innovations share similarities to those of yesteryear. For example, the telegraph and the Internet both changed the way we communicate. What can we learn from companies who faced similar challenges in the past? Research provides us with solid information that can serve as inspiration – or as a warning.

Analysis and Brainstorming

Once research has been conducted, then what? FrancordSoft believes that research is only the beginning. The insights provided by research should then be digested followed by brainstorming sessions. What opportunities have been uncovered? How can we position ourselves to take advantage of those opportunities? What challenges are ahead? How can we avoid mistakes?

No matter how much creativity and innovation result from the business research and subsequent brainstorming sessions, nothing happens until a plan has been developed and implemented. Not only does FrancordSoft conduct the research, we can also help you develop a strategic plan and put it into practice. Risk analysis, strategic planning, and change management are among the next steps.

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is an important step after uncovering and analyzing information. After all, there’s risk involved in both doing nothing as well as taking bold steps. For example, companies who are currently doing nothing about the popularity of social media risk losing touch with their customers. Conversely, companies who jump into social media initiatives without fully understanding what’s at stake are also at risk. A company that caters to a demographic that doesn’t use social media would be wasting money by adapting a technology that isn’t relevant to their market. While this is a simplified example, it illustrates the need for a detailed risk analysis.  

Strategic Planning

Once the risks have been identified and considered, FrancordSoft can help you with strategic planning. From selecting the most cost-effective IT solutions to outsourcing business processes, having a strategic plan in place is essential as you adapt to the changing business world.

Change Management

Change is inevitable, and it must be managed. Whether you’re implementing a new network infrastructure, point of sale system, application, or process, systems must be in place to manage changes. FrancordSoft can handle the entire project management, risk management, and change management process.

These are but a few of the many business services that we offer. As an IT consulting and outsourcing firm, we are well equipped to help you get on the track to performance and success.