Clouler for entrepreneurs

Clouler was designed for social entrepreneurs who recognize that creativity is often a collaborative process—with the goal of investing in early stage startups. Clouler brings like-minded entrepreneurs together to explore ideas, get feedback, share tips, and more in a friendly, private, microblogging atmosphere. Clouler also provides a platform for startup/seed funding through our Startup program.

Clouler is inspired by the French word “clou” which means “a major point of interest or attention.” The word also refers to a nail. As entrepreneurs, our businesses start when our attention is laser focused on a major point of interest. Our startups are successful after we’ve fine-tuned our idea and have “nailed” it.

Clouler is the brainchild of Francis Cordor, an entrepreneur and software engineer. Francis graduated from the University of Massachusetts Lowell where he studied Electrical and Computer engineering and worked as a software engineer on IBM’s Websphere DataPower product and Websphere CastIron cloud integration. He is also the founder of FrancordSoft, a software development company and consultancy.He has also worked as a Software Engineer(contractor) for the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

If you’ve been looking for a place where entrepreneurs can bounce ideas off of others who share your passions as well as find support and potential startup funding sources, Clouler is for you!


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