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Number Trend

Africa’s NumberTrend is a job search engine where you can get an insider’s look at the employers you’re considering working for. Employees and former employees anonymously review companies they’ve worked for, providing job seekers with real world insights about the company, the work environment, management, and salaries. Just as online reviews have transformed the retail, hospitality, and service industries by holding companies accountable for their services, NumberTrend is changing Africa’s employment practices — for the better. By holding employers accountable for their employment and management practices, job seekers will naturally gravitate toward the best employers. Poorly rated employers will need to improve in order to attract the most talented professionals in Africa.

Number Trend


Bush Chicken

The Bush Chicken name is inspired by both the inclusive coverage of rural communities and the idea that the outlet will serve as a wake-up call to important issues. We identified the following problems with journalism in Liberia: Articles are often poorly researched. Articles reflect poor command of the English language. News businesses are poorly managed, leading to paltry revenues and subsequently, poorly paid reporters. This, in turn, leads to news bias towards those who are willing to pay. The interior and rural areas are widely ignored A general lack of in-depth analysis or investigative reporting To solve these issues, the Bush Chicken will produce properly researched and well-written news articles. We will pay our journalists well to ensure that they can focus on writing with minimal conflicts of interests. We will also employ investigative journalism and ensure that stories from the interior are covered.

Bush Chicken


Clouler for entrepreneurs

Clouler was designed for social entrepreneurs who recognize that creativity is often a collaborative process—with the goal of investing in early stage startups. Clouler brings like-minded entrepreneurs together to explore ideas, get feedback, share tips, and more in a friendly, private, microblogging atmosphere. Clouler also provides a platform for startup/seed funding through our Startup program.

Clouler is inspired by the French word “clou” which means “a major point of interest or attention.” The word also refers to a nail. As entrepreneurs, our businesses start when our attention is laser focused on a major point of interest. Our startups are successful after we’ve fine-tuned our idea and have “nailed” it.

Clouler is the brainchild of Francis Cordor, an entrepreneur and software engineer. Francis graduated from the University of Massachusetts Lowell where he studied Electrical and Computer engineering and worked as a software engineer on IBM’s Websphere DataPower product and Websphere CastIron cloud integration. He is also the founder of FrancordSoft, a software development company and consultancy.He has also worked as a Software Engineer(contractor) for the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

If you’ve been looking for a place where entrepreneurs can bounce ideas off of others who share your passions as well as find support and potential startup funding sources, Clouler is for you!


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Ducorsports – Sports hub

Africa is home to some of the world’s greatest and most beloved athletes, yet its sports media coverage is virtually nonexistent. Ducor Sports is a new digital media company focused on providing real-time coverage of African sports teams and players around the world. Ducor Sports will fill the current void in Africa sports coverage, helping Africa’s developing sports industry get the attention it deserves.

Ducor sports

Why choose our technology services?

FrancordSoft’s vision is to design effective business management software solutions that help businesses get where they want to go with the world’s most affordable, security-based, multi-location designed business programs possible. This vision is centered on several core values: solving business problems, developing affordable and secure solutions, and creativity and innovation.

Solving Business Problems

All businesses have problems. These problems can either be ignored, tolerated, or solved. Understanding what problems a business faces, how these problems impact the business, and whether or not the problems should be solved are among the first steps in designing business management software solutions. FrancordSoft is dedicated to identifying and analyzing problems and then applying creative process to devise well-thought-out solutions. Our research is a vital part of our business solution process, enabling us to tackle some of the toughest business problems facing organizations around the world today. FrancordSoft is willing to tackle problems of all sizes ranging from enhancing security to eradicating rampant corruption in developing countries.

Developing Affordable and Secure Solutions

Once a business problem has been identified, researched, and analyzed, FrancordSoft decides whether the problem is one that should be solved. Not all business problems qualify for a FrancordSoft solution. By selecting only those problems that truly need intervention, mitigation, or preventative measures, FrancordSoft can focus its efforts on making a strong, relevant impact and providing a business management solution that addresses the issue. FrancordSoft develops solutions for these problems based on the core values of affordability and security.

FrancordSoft believes that solving or preventing problems shouldn’t cost a fortune. Our products and services are developed with both affordability and security in mind. This focus on affordability, security, and product integrity allows for wider spread implementation, potentially solving the business problems of not one organization, but many. Custom and off-the-shelf FrancordSoft products are available.

Creativity and Innovation

How does FrancordSoft manage to take on the world’s most pressing business problems and do so with an emphasis on affordability and security? That’s where a third core value comes into play: creativity and innovation. We believe that tough problems CAN be solved. This often requires looking at a problem with a fresh perspective or applying existing solutions in innovative ways.

For example, we’ve all seen organizations making the same mistakes over and over, right? Oftentimes, those closest to the problem can’t see the obvious whereas an outsider can easily see what’s wrong. Other times, far out ideas lead to practical solutions – if only someone has the courage to express his creativity. FrancordSoft employs creatives, giving employees the freedom to explore ideas and develop innovative solutions.

Taken together, creativity and innovation, affordable and secure product development, and a commitment to solving real problems facing today’s businesses powers FrancordSoft’s ability to deliver the finest, most effective business management solutions at an affordable price. These core values have driven FrancordSoft from its founding and will continue to drive the company as it moves from its current position to its future – beyond imagination!