FrancordSoft values its investors and understands the importance of transparency and accountability. As our company grows and develops, you can expect information, expertise, and accountability as well as a commitment to continuous improvement. We understand the concerns of our stakeholders and work diligently to create strong relationships and open communications.

Executive Leadership and Board of Advisors

FrancordSoft is led by Francis Cordor and a team of advisors with extensive and wide-ranging industry expertise. The FrancordSoft team includes a software engineer, a commercial credit underwriter, a financial analyst, and a mental health practitioner who specializes in human behavior.

Industry Expertise

The expertise of the FrancordSoft team is well matched with the company’s long term goals. With software products geared for the financial industry and ongoing research into solving the corruption that plagues developing nations, FrancordSoft’s expertise comes into play. FrancordSoft understands that in order to be successful, not only must it develop affordable, simple products that solve real problems, it must do so strategically. It must understand the economics and human behaviors involved as well as have the technical expertise to engineer a solution. By teaming up with highly educated, working professionals in these fields, FrancordSoft has the expertise needed for achieving its goals.

Among FrancordSoft’s many areas of expertise are:

  • Software engineering
  • Information technology
  • Research
  • Financial analysis
  • Commercial credit underwriting
  • Economics and implication businesses
  • Strategic and tactical business planning
  • Capital budgeting
  • Integrative medicine
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human behavior
  • Marketing


Access to Information

As an investor, FrancordSoft understands that your goals may be different than ours. Sure, you’ll want to see products that deliver. However, you’ll also want to see that your investment is being put to good use and is paying off. Regular reports and access to information are essential components to us as well as to our investors. With that in mind, you can expect regular access to the information that you need. In addition, we are open to hearing your thoughts, ideas, insights, and suggestions.

Because we are privately held and depending on the sensitivity of the information, some information may not be posted here on our Web site. However, we are committed to providing our investors with the information that they need to evaluate FrancordSoft as a potential or ongoing investment. Contact us today to request financials, fact sheets, statements, and reports.

FrancordSoft Commitment

FrancordSoft is committed to its mission - and to its investors. We know that without investment, our mission is that much harder to achieve. We also know that each dollar must be spent wisely, on the right ingredients for success. When investors place their trust in us, we work hard to keep that trust and perform beyond expectations.