FrancordSoft specializes in providing business and professional services that exceed expectations, going beyond imagination and delivering results. With a focus on technology, research, consulting, and outsourcing, FrancordSoft helps organizations of all sizes with software development, software customization, and research.

Founded in 2008 by Francis Cordor just after graduating college, FrancordSoft is the parent company of Ducor Sports  and Number Trend.  Francis graduated from the University of Massachusetts Lowell where he studied Electrical and Computer engineering and  an impressive list of professional accomplishments including work as a software engineer on IBM’s Websphere DataPower product and Websphere CastIron cloud integration, founded the company with a vision: designing effective, secure, and affordable business management software.

Secure, Simple, Business Solutions

There’s an elegance to simplicity. However, simplicity doesn’t necessarily happen on its own. It must be designed, with the most important elements at the forefront. FrancordSoft believes that solving business problems shouldn’t create additional problems and that solutions should be easy to implement. With this belief underlying each of products and services offered, FrancordSoft emphasizes security and simplicity, creating one-of-a-kind business solutions with the power to produce results.

FrancordSoft Research

Currently in the research and development phase, FrancordSoft is exploring a new business solutions product designed to reduce and eradicate rampant corruption levels in developing countries. With software customization, new product research, and an emphasis on solving the problems facing businesses today, FrancordSoft is positioning itself for success.

IT Outsourcing and Consulting

Based in the United States, FrancordSoft’s reach extends around the globe with information technology services offered to developing countries and untapped markets. Among the IT outsourcing services offered are: business process outsourcing (BPO), application outsourcing, and infrastructure outsourcing. Outsourcing IT services is but one strategy FrancordSoft is implementing as it reaches out to the global community with consulting and business solutions equally important. Whether a business is in the US or on the other side of the globe, FrancordSoft is poised to serve and provide its IT expertise.

Industries Served

FrancordSoft offers business and IT solutions, software development, research services, IT outsourcing, and IT consulting to just about any industry with an information technology or information security problem to solve.

Commitment to Excellence

Francis Cordor founded FrancordSoft with a commitment to solving business problems by designing effective, affordable, and secure business management solutions. Whether a client is located here or abroad, Cordor’s commitment to excellence is a driving force. This determination combined with Cordor’s software engineering expertise, creativity, and leadership ensures not only FrancordSoft’s success but the successes of FrancordSoft’s clients.

Are you ready to but the company’s technological expertise, experience, and creativity to work for you? Whether you need help solving a business or IT problem or are an investor who’s impressed with FrancordSoft’s mission, we’d love to hear from you. We have put together a creative team that delivers business and professional products and services beyond imagination. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.